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Awakening From Silence

Based on 'She Sells Shell' by Megan Chapman

Commissioned as part of the G7 'Behind the Postcard' Cultural Programme.

For longer than she knows, Z has been trapped in a reality that has kept her ignorant to the real nature of her existence. Now she has awakened she must find others who are willing to resist and overcome the coercion and force that has kept her in the dark for so long. 


Directed By

Alex Falconer

Written By

Alex Falconer & Sammy-Jo Tawn


Grace Nelder

Executive Producer

Laura Giles

Helen Tiplady

First Assistant Director

Brooke Bowers


Meg Roberts


Ben Evans

Assistant Camera

Duncan Whitmore


Owen Yelland

Production Designer

Sammy-Jo Tawn

Production Assistant

Barbora Bodláková

Hair and Make Up Artist

Amber Rail

Sound and Music By

Chris Baker


Alex Falconer


Joe Davies


Eleanor Hawkes

The Leader

Henry Rosewall

The Enforcer

Ollie McFarlane

The Prisoner

Ryan Adams

The Manipulated

Hannah Cooze

The Unconscious

Jenn Chung

Revolutionaries/Unconscious Masses
Clinton Sealy

Sue Nelder

Lauren Gibson

Perran Pryor

Daisy Ali

Izzy Ali

Parris Robertson

Caitlin Bussell

Jill Paul

Kit Lefroy

Adam Pudgeon

Rose Stuart

Graham Stuart

James Care

Tracey Barriball

Richard Saw

Lisa Jeffery

Izzy Jefferey

With Thanks To

Graham and team at Carnglaze Caverns,

Jacky Swain, Debbie Lewis

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